The Guardian Visual Feature November 2019
An Army of Greta’s
Filmed in the UK and UAE

Sky News – eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher
Emma Pavey and Pupils,
Eastbourne, UK

Dr Ben King, Climate Change Teacher
BBC Interview
Devon, UK

Suzanne Nesbitt Climate Change Teacher
ITV News Interview

Sky News – eduCCate Global Report
Derbyshire, UK

Education, Key to Saving Our Planet: How to Learn From Children the Importance of Protecting the Environment

UAE Media 1 News
First eduCCate Climate Change Teachers
Middle East, UAE

BBC World Service
Beyond The Protests
Climate Change Education in All Italian Schools

BBC Woman’s Hour
Climate Change in Schools

BBC 5 LIve Interview
Dr Meryl Batchelder & Melanie Harwood
The Emma Barnett Show

COP25 Madrid Live Press Conferences

COP25 Live Press Conference
Transformative Teaching of the Climate Curriculum
Madrid, Spain

COP25 Live Press Conference
Climate Change Teachers Rule the World
Madrid, Spain

COP25 Live Press Conference
How Government Can Empower Climate Action Through Education
Madrid, Spain

COP25 Live Press Conference
London Calling: Climate Action
Madrid, Spain

COP25 Live Press Conference
eduCCate Global England, Scotland and Africa
Madrid, Spain

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