A Global Challenge for a Global Problem

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A Global Challenge for a Global Problem


13 DECEMBER 2019 at TBC


Climate change is a real emergency, but we can do something about it if we make an effort.

The eduCCate Global Climate Challenge is a new tool which helps to teach about climate change through a friendly competitive challenge between teams.

Students log their activities every day using a fun web-app. Each action is based on simple things they can do to reduce their carbon footprint - like taking a shorter shower or eating less meat. Over time these translate into real carbon emission (CO2e) reductions. And their behaviour starts to change. At the end of the two to three-week campaign, the savings are totalled and the winning team is announced.

The app is built around behaviour change psychology and climate emissions data from academia, so it reflects real-life emission reductions. At the end of the challenge, the winning team is rewarded with a sustainable prize to reinforce the benefits of changing their consumption habits.

“Children enjoy this sort of friendly challenge,” explains Mel Harwood, chief executive of eduCCate Global, “The app inspires the kids to be more aware of their habits. For the first time, they can physically see the effect of reducing their carbon footprint by doing things differently. And it's fun.”

Key Information

  • eduCCate Global Climate Challenge will be available to schools with a Climate Change Teacher

  • CO2e reductions will be shared to evidence measurable impact

  • The Climate Challenge will be launched later in the coming year alongside a package of school-focused initiatives for schools with an eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher

  • There will be no cost to participating schools for this initiative.

About eduCCate Global

eduCCate Global is a joint partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver a Climate Change Education Program and UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher to every school worldwide. eduCCate Global launched in April 2018 and is now active in over 11,000 schools worldwide, and more than 11,000 teachers currently in training globally.


Please contact Tim Collins of eduCCate Global at tim@eduCCateGlobal.org for comment, enquires or to arrange an interview about this press release.

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