Holme Grange School’s Sustainability & Climate Literacy Leadership Team became eduCCate Global’s  first certified Carbon Literacy Teachers, 2021

“Our journey with eduCCate Global enables us to work alongside like-minded people to make a positive change, to our lives and to the lives of those in the future. It is an honour to have engaged with like minded individuals to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards as together we can work to find solutions and have a positive impact on the future now! To be the first school in the UK to have staff trained in this way is a privilege and a responsibility we do not undertake lightly. We embrace the opportunity to continue to seek solutions with and inspire those around us to do so too.”

Claire Robinson

Headteacher, Holme Grange School Wokingham, UK

In early 2020, we decided to pilot Carbon Literacy Teacher Training with Holme Grange School, UK. created by the Carbon Literacy Project, adapted and delivered by Professor Molthan-Hill. The Carbon Literacy Teacher Training was also supported by student facilitators from Nottingham-Trent University as part of their work experience. It was a magical combination and a powerful moment of learning for our teachers.  Today, Carbon Literacy Teacher Training is a core element of the Silver Award.

Meet the first eduCCate Global Gold Award Teachers

Claire Robinson
Holme Grange School, UK

Speaks About..

  • The need to cultivate curiosity, a sense of awe and wonder, an appreciation of the world and a love of learning, developing a curriculum that actively encourages stewardship and social responsibility.
  • The importance of equipping and empowering staff to support pupil development – building a knowledgeable sustainable learning community
  • A commitment to building teams, both within her own school and the wider community, local, national and international – as through collaboration and partnership we can make a difference and leads on driving sustainable initiatives.

David Boynes
Head of Prep School
Holme Grange School, UK

Speaks About..

  • What the course looked and felt like.
  • How the course impacted on him as a person and teacher.
  • The power of working together in a school community and beyond.

    Claire Cox
    Head of Pre-Prep
    Holme Grange School, UK

    Speaks About..

    • How she loved the training and how it motivated to her to make changes in her own life.

    Leanne Hughes
    Head of Sustainability and DT
    Holme Grange School, UK

    Speaks About..

      • How she found the scientific information on carbon sinks fascinating.
      • Using interactive tools to illustrate some of the key points was helpful.
      • Working with a group to discuss and implement an action plan has given the whole team the first steps on our journey to zero carbon.

      Debbie Russell
      Holme Grange School, UK

      Speaks About..

      • Working as part of a team with other people of course – Trent Uni
      • The resources
      • The content of the material on our courses – excellent to teach with

      Joanne Hendriksen
      Director of Teaching and Learning
      Holme Grange School, UK

      Speaks About..

      • The solutions already exist, we must now act!
      • Fridge and freezer waste is very harmful.
      • If all stakeholders act together, the impact will be greater.”

        Anthony Cluett
        Holme Grange School, UK

        Speaks About..

        • Working as part of a team with other people of course – Trent Uni
        • The resources
        • The content of the material on our courses – excellent to teach with

        Edward Barker
        Holme Grange School, UK

        Speaks About..

        • The ‘Carbon Literacy Training’ was an important project The first step to teaching our society is through our young people in the school, college and university settings. 
        • The second step in this is getting the students involved, through education, enthusiasm and action. Having them think and plan for the future.
        • The third step is to find ways of actively achieving our goals to become carbon neutral, within this we can then help lead the wider community by example. 
        • Mel’s enthusiasm and guidance in this Carbon Literacy Training is the perfect first step in getting people to understand how they can make a change and a difference towards living in a cleaner, more sustainable world.

        Rob Kenworthy
        Holme Grange School, UK

        Speaks About..

        • If we are educated we have the knowledge to make a difference
        • You can become more aware of your own carbon footprint
        • The solutions are out there and can be adapted to best use

        Hannah Poland
        Holme Grange School, UK

        Speaks About..

        • How having her opinions and what she thought to be fact challenged.
        • The course has reignited her interest in climate issues.

        Lydia Ball
        Holme Grange School, UK

        Talks About..

        • Before she started this course, she didn’t really know much about carbon literacy and had some misconceptions about what it might be about. 
        • How she thought it would just be very simple things and what we could teach the children. 
        • Feeling like she’s learned a lot through going on this course, 
        • Thinking about things that she could do and how she could change her own lifestyle, to better the environment and to be more sustainable. And how that has a huge effect on how she talks with the children 
        • How the training has made her interested and engaged.

        The First Gold Award deserved a special celebration!

        Holme Grange Teachers were the first Climate Change Teachers to complete the eduCCate Global Climate Literacy Teacher Training so we felt they deserved a very special celebration. We were joined by special guests from the eduCCate Global’s team, Professor Petra Mothan-Hill, Nottingham-Trent Business School and the student facilitators from Nottingham-Trent University.

        The eduCCate Global Carbon Literacy Teachers
        Awards Ceremony
        Online, Worldwide

        Petra Molthan-Hill
        Nottingham Trent University, UK

        Professor Petra Molthan-Hill delivered the very first eduCCate Global Carbon Literacy Teacher Training in November and December 2020 with the teachers from Holme Grange School, UK.

        What our special guests had to say…

        “I was honoured to join the awards ceremony after having been partnering with eduCCate Global for just a few weeks. Learning about how eduCCate Global was started and how far it came was beyond inspiring. The fierce determination of Melanie Harwood to make this not just a small project is what made it so large and successful already. And this attracted many others that are as determined as her and together they are unstoppable.”

        Franziska Elmer

        Research Fellow, School for Field Studies

        “Truly honoured to have been invited by eduCCate Global to witness the pioneers, back from the future, grow their wings in achieving the first ever Climate Change Teachers awards. What a Ceremony of achievement and vision. Melanie Harwood is paying forward towards the reset of our world and sustainability through connection, networking and partnership. Together we are better. Today I grew my wings.”

        Anthea Fenton

        Empowering Angel

        “It was an honour to be present at the Carbon Literacy Teachers Awards ceremony to celebrate the teachers who will be making impactful changes to their students’ lives through climate change education. EduCCate Global is leading the way to creating a sustainable future for the world through actions, rather than words. Warnborough College wholeheartedly supports EG in this grassroots educational initiative for a better-protected planet.”

        Dr Julian Ng

        Vice President, Warnborough College

        “The Carbon Literacy Teachers Awards was a hugely exciting event which kickstarts the next phase of eduCCate Global’s mission to change climate change education worldwide. It was so nice to see such energy and enthusiasm from students, teachers, university professors and business leaders alike. There is a clear sense of shared purpose and identity, the pathway forward is illuminated and I am delighted to be a part of it.”

        Robert Cobbold

        Founding Editor, Conscious Evolution

        “It’s so inspiring to be part of eduCCate Global’s fantastic teacher programme that Melanie Harwood has initiated and so many brilliant teachers are now taking forward. May climate literacy spread globally and quickly! We at Simpol are proud to be part of it!”

        John Bunzl

        Global Political Activist and Businessman

        “I was delighted to join this Award Ceremony and to see so many inspiring students, teachers and leaders in sustainability and climate change education who are moving mountains on a local, national and global level. It’s amazing how eduCCate Global has brought together this incredible movement of leaders of all ages whose actions are already making huge change globally and all at Wild Planet Explorers are excited for what’s next!”

        Joanna McFarlane

        Award Winning Biologist and Educator, Scotland, UK

        “It was wonderful to be a part of this special awards the ceremony today to see the amazing range of people who have worked so hard to achieve a huge step for climate change teaching. Thank you to Melanie for having such a powerful vision and the non-stop indomitability to take action on the climate emergency through mass education. I am so happy to be a part of the team at eduCCate Global and know that by working together with so many like-minded people from such a rich and diverse array of specialisms, that the results of this collaboration will be a turning point in the history of the education system. A huge congratulation goes out to all that have become the very first Carbon Literacy Teachers and I look forward to the next chapter of this fast-evolving journey to global Climate Literacy.”

        Lisa Pugh

        Co-Founder of The Deer Wood Trust

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