How Governments Can Empower Climate Action Through Education

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How Governments Can Empower Climate

Action Through Education


09 DECEMBER 2019 at 10:00

ROOM #000

eduCCate Global, a Scalable Program for Government

Madrid, Spain: When eduCCate Global was first launched, in partnership with UNITAR, it was under the objective to place a Climate Change Teacher in every school globally. eduCCate Global has shown repeatedly that empowering Climate Action en-masse need not be the exclusively impossible challenge it was once thought to be. Empowering Climate Action takes a whole world, governments, business and

individuals alike, but that starts at the very beginning. In the same way a government educates their children to read and write, they must also educate them to be Climate Literate, with access to a high quality of education around Climate Change and Sustainability.

To achieve this, eduCCate Global has created a program that is fundamentally scalable and replicable across nations worldwide. Beginning with up-skilling a country’s educators to become Climate literate -ensuring that education can naturally incur a sustainable mindset through a cross-curriculum. Education though, is just the first step to the eduCCate Global roadmap, for the program encourages measurable action and outcomes, in particular, so that a sustainable mindset becomes second nature to children worldwide and the society they impact.

In April 2019, eduCCate Global set out to show the true scalability of this - within 120 days, 10% of British Schools accounting for more than 2 million British pupils had access to an eduCCate Global UN-Accredited Climate Change Teacher or one in training.

Fundamentally the program revolves around three core elements:

  1. To Up-Skill Teachers to become Climate Literate using the combined knowledge and resources of the United Nations and One-Climate Change Partnership.
  2. To Support Teachers in encompassing Climate Change and Sustainability in their lessons with the eduCCate Global Platform, containing more than 2,000 free educational resources.
  3. To Deliver Measurable Initiatives in Schools that encourage a sustainable mindset and understanding for our world as second nature to children and those they impact.

eduCCate Global is now active in over 40 countries by applying this same scalable model and soon to be expanding even further. eduCCate Global are actively looking for Countries keen to implement the eduCCate Global Program to deliver scalable Climate Change Education and measurable Action.

We invite those interested to learn more to join for our “Getting to Know eduCCate Global Event” on 9 December 2019 at —:— in Room #——.

Official Keynote Event

Delegates and Attendees of then COP25 event are cordially invited to join eduCCate Global for our Keynote Event, “How Governments Can Empower Climate Action Through Education” on 9 December 2019 at —:— in Room #——.

Getting to Know eduCCate Global Event

Attendees of COP25 in a Government or Public Sector role are invited to join us for our Getting to Know eduCCate Event on 9 December 2019 at —:— in Room #——. Please register your attendance at: ——

About eduCCate Global

eduCCate Global is a joint partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver a Climate Change Education Program and UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher to every school worldwide. eduCCate Global launched in April 2018 and is now active in over 11,000 schools worldwide, and more than 11,000 teachers currently in training globally.


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