Bronze Award Ceremony - Hammersmith & Fulham "Lighthouse" /Exemplar Schools

by Melanie Harwood, Founder eduCCate Global

Last week, we held the online Bronze Award Ceremony for Miles Coverdale Primary School.

The Sustainability & Climate Literacy Lead, Gemma Potter, and the five Support Team Members informed us of their experiences and how the Climate Change Teacher Training is shaping their delivery of the Climate Change Curriculum in their school.

Taranum Baig, Headteacher of Miles Coverdale Primary School, joined us and added her own thoughts on the process that her nominated Sustainability & Climate Literacy Leadership Team have been working through these past few months.  The LGC Awards were a pretty big deal too and we were reminded that the school received a Commendation with the most wonderful feedback, “This Council KNOWS how to do it!”  We were so proud. 

It is always interesting to watch the talks at COP26 and online, there’s a lot of talking going on out there, but they don’t always present their hard evidence of delivery.  Talk is great but doing is better.

It is through the “doing” that we are collaborating with the eduCCate Global Award Schools, to build and tweak our own delivery in such a way as to ensure it works!

Gemma Potter and the Miles Coverdale School Sustainability & Climate Literacy Leadership Team are now working towards the Silver Award.  They will be the very first school in Hammersmith & Fulham to put forward six Lead Teachers to do the Carbon Literacy Teacher Training.  We cannot wait!  They have the foundation and now the magic happens.