We are very pleased to offer eduCCate Global’s growing inventory of schemes of work to our schools as optional extras or to homeschoolers who may be interested.

Our Schemes of Work 11 to 17 Years

Transition Engineering In The Kitchen Lab STEM & MATT (11 to 13 Years)

Transition Engineering In The Kitchen Lab
(STEM 11 to 13 Years)

Transition Engineering Stories
STEM & MATT (12 to 15 Years)

10 Week STEM Scheme Of Work Years 6, 7, 8, 9. Introducing Transition Engineering.

Transition Engineering For Action
STEM & MATT (15 to 17 Years)

Pathway to Higher Education and Micro-Credential, created by Professor Susan Krumdieck.

Wild Planet Explorers

Award Winning Biologist, Joanna McFarlane, delivers the World’s First Interactive Child Fri… 

The Carbon Footprint Buster Challenge
(3 – 17)

Youth led climate action. School CFBC Youth Leadership Teams guide their peers through each…

Get Media Savvy

Creative Writing Skills, Press Releases, Press Kits and How To Write A Killer Headline to guarantee…

Carbon Literacy for Kids
(11 to 17 years)

Carbon Literacy For Kids, developed with Claire Robinson, Headteacher of Holme Grange School, and Leanne Hughes..

Music With

Songs for Youth to Build Positive Sense of Self. A ready to go collection of Songs and Posi…

Climate Change Games for Critical Thinking with Robert Cobbold

How to introduce critical thinking and systems thinking directly into the process of Climate…

Identifying & Countering Misinformation
About Climate Science

An excellent and easy to understand step-by-step process of how to Identify and how to Counter Mi…

Activating Radical Renewal – Scheme of Work

Sustainability Scheme of Work: 15 Weeks introducing Sustainability & Transition Engineering

Story Telling & Story Bridging

Telling an authentic and unique brand story can spark an emotional response in your audience.

C.I.R.C.L.E Training with Graham Williams

The next step on from the Story-Telling and Story-Bridging Training with Graham Williams.

Sargassum And Me!

STEM Scheme of Work for the OECS Island Schools and ALL Schools Globally to discover the Problems…

Dancing With Hannah-Jane

Move Along with the Songs: Follow Hannah-Jane’s easy movements that go with the positive affirmations…

Sustainable Cooking with Hannah-Jane

Food Tech with a twist! Sustainable Recipes to Cook up amazing meals that not only taste delicious…

Sustainable Baking with Hannah-Jane

Food Tech and Sustainability?! How?! Easy!
Hannah-Jane shows you how to bake in…

Sustainable Gardening

Get in Touch with Nature & Nurture Your Well-being: Let Hannah-Jane Help You Immerse yourself…

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