Youth Advisory Board

Sania Anand

 Student in Mount Litera

My name is Sania Anand, I am 16 years old and currently working towards educating myself and others about the climate crisis and its devastating effects. As a student, I have seen the power of education and access to reliable information in transforming individuals and helping build a more sustainable world. Due to this, I was extremly grateful to Melanie Harwood for giving my sister and me the opportunity to do an internship with EduCCate Global and help design the quizzes in the course on their website. While working as an intern I learnt much more about climate change adaptation and mitigation, which gave me hope for a more sustainable, equitable future. Wildfires, hurricanes, tycoons and extreme heatwaves have recently been breaking previous records, in the number of lives they take and destroy and we have seen very few individuals truly try to raise awareness about our future and selflessly work to ensure that every child has the knowledge they need to adapt. I am excited to continue working with EduCCate global and grateful to have this opportunity to learn so much more!

Shaina Anand

 Student in Mount Litera

My name is Shaina Anand. I’m 16 years old and am currently in the 11th grade, studying in New Jersey, USA. A passion of mine has been learning about climate change and how it is impacting our health and the ecosystems around us. I believe that climate change must be taken seriously, and that educating people about global warming as well as climate change can help us adapt to the rapidly increasing temperature and the sever effects it is and is going to have our lives. This is why I sought out opportunities to help our community learn about helping the earth and adapting to the effects of anthropogenic climate change and with Melanie Harwood from Educcate Global I found a great one! My internship with their team opened my eyes to the vast information about climate change and how much people, including me were unaware of! This opportunity helped me expand my knowledge about the different impacts of climate change and great the disparity between the global south and north and it gave me the chance to grow as a person and learn how make a real difference. For this I’m extremely grateful!

Hannah-Jane Kenton

Student in Hertfordshire, UK.

I am Hannah-Jane Kenton. My mum created eduCCate Global for me! Yes, my mum is Melanie Harwood (Founder of eduCCate Global). When I was 11 years old I accompanied my mum at COP24 in Katowice, Poland (2018) and together we launched what was then a “trial” of the Climate Change Teacher Course that my mum and Denise Meissner had pitched to the United Nations earlier that year (June 2018). Well, the rest is history! There were only two children attending COP24 that year, myself and Greta Thunberg, and back then everybody kept telling my mum that she could not/should not call it “The Climate Change Teacher Course” and that was “The elephant in the room!”. If you know my mum, she is a bit like me, headstrong and when she says she’s going to do something, she does it. I have since cajoled my mum to attend the School Strikes for Climate with me in London when they first started here in the UK (after Greta became a big news story) and I interviewed other young people, like me, that were all concerned about the Climate Crisis. I have presented many Schemes of Work for eduCCate Global (Get Media Savvy Kids 12 to 17, Music For The Planet, Dancing For The Planet, Transition Engineering In The Kitchen Kids, Transition Engineering Stories and more). I am working towards the development and build of Transition Engineering as a Pathway to Higher Education (this is going to be a game changer for climate activists and millions of young people that want to go out into the world to change industries, governments, regions, councils, municipalities, businesses, you name it as Transition Engineers and Transformative Leaders).

William Wale

Youth Delegate with the UKSSN

With experience across the political and social activism spaces, focussed around the Climate Emergency and international relations, I am a passionate individual with a great enthusiasm for engagement and communication with people and clients.
I have worked on a multiple political campaigns, working to produce campaign messaging and communications, both physical and digital, in the lead up to the 2019 general election as part of the campaign team of a major political party and as an election observer, and also over the past few years as part a national youth climate movement, working to raise awareness among young people about climate change and the need for action, and also pressuring government agencies and corporations to change their policies and become more climate friendly.
I am currently working as a youth delegate with the UK Schools Sustainability Network, training as I prepare to represent the young people of the UK at the COP26 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow in November 2021
I currently volunteer in a care home to give back to my community. I am currently studying four A-levels, in History, Politics, Biology and Chemistry, while also working on numerous other projects.

Sania & Shaina Anand worked throughout their Summer Holiday on the new eduCCate Global for Youth Climate Change Courses and built the Quizzes for the Introduction To Climate Change (Parts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6).

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